Cycling and the Reykjavík Marathon

Sesselja Traustadóttir, the owner of Hjolafærni and producer of Cycling Iceland will be running in the 10km event at the Reykjavík Marathon in support of her newest initiative, Cycling Without Age.  You can support this great cause, which helps older citizens of Reykjavík get out and about, here.  Thank you for your support!

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Iceland has fared quite well in the corona pandemy, and most restrictions have been eased. Traveling in Iceland is possible, but be considerate to keep Iceland safe and prevent any spreading of infections. Follow the instructions on, please. shows accommodation, campsites, and other services of last year, 2019. Only the public transport map has been updated for 2020. You should contact hotels, restaurants, campsites, bus operators, etc. beforehand, as many services are closed or allow only a limited number of guests.