Borgarfjörður Eystri

The East of Iceland has a hidden treasure called Borgarfjörður eystri. With a total of only 130 inhabitants, the area, nonetheless, has plenty to offer for visitors, including a tremendous variety of hiking routes and great opportunities for cycling activities. The area offers a spectacular landscape and a good range of accommodation and services in the small town of Bakkagerði. There is great natural beauty in the area, as it is still untouched by mass tourism. The area around Borgarfjörður has great cycling routs suitable for Cross Country well as some exemplary facilities for cyclists. While people lived in most parts of the area past the middle of the 20th century, they are all deserted today. Lately local people have been marking numerous trails and have published a quality travel map, besides building comfortable hiking lodges. Going to Borgarfjörður will offer you a chance to experience a genuine Icelandic fishing village. In addition, you will be in contact with a close community of people renowned for their hospitality. Their local cuisine consists of high quality ingredients from the region, such as the fish landed fresh daily. The community lives in close proximity to nature and delights in a quiet life, making it the ideal place to relax and get in touch with nature. More info at
Recommended cycling trails
Here are descriptions of great cycling trails near Borgarfjörður.
Note that some trails may have snow until midsummer so recommended time to visit is mentioned.
 1. Brúnavík 6.5 km (one way)
Time to visit: mid June – Oct. Follow a rough 4WD track that leads over Hofstrandarskarð pass to Brúnavík inlet. Where the track ends, you can walk or take your bike towards the refuge hut down by the sea, passing over grassy and marshy areas, and then explore the colourful beach in Brúnavík.
2. Borgarfjörður – Breiðavík – Húsavík 28 km
Time to visit: July – Oct. Following an open 4WD track over Gagnheiði (500 m) and then down to the hut at Breiðavík inlet. In Breiðavík there is hiking hut and camping site with WC and other facilities. From Breiðavík hut there is a rather good track. At the trail crossing at Víknaheiði, turn left towards Húsavík.
3. Borgarfjörður – Húsavík 19 km
Time to visit: July – Oct. Mostly on a good 4WD track, from the Village Bakkagerði over Húsavíkurheiði pass (477 m) to the Húsavík hut. In Húsavík there is a hiking hut and camping site with WC and other facilities for travellers. An old farm and a church are still in a good condition near the coastline in Húsavík and worth the detour.
4. Húsavík – Loðmundarfjörður 14 km
Time to visit: July – Oct. The 4WD road is followed from the Húsavík hut over Nesháls pass (435 m). In good weather you can take the old horse road from Nesháls and back to the main road near the abandoned farm Nes, but this road is rough and steep on some parts. In good weather pleasant detours can also be taken into the surroundings. The hiking hut offers accommodation, a camping area and has great facilities for travellers.